The premium website package is by far the best choice for someone that needs to make a purchase that will cover a huge area of their brand’s needs. It is money saver and offers maximum quality while covering a wide range of business essentials.

The plans were created based on basic needs of a company that is just starting up. At “our services” section, you can thoroughly see all of our provided services and see how we can serve your needs.

Once you send your request via our contact forms, we get back to you with the info that you need. When we clarify what needs to be done, we send you an invoice and your personal login credentials with which you will be able to login on our business customer platform. In there, you will be able to keep track of your project and directly request any future extra services.

Of course! You can transfer your website to the partner of your choice, unless the construction of the project contains software, applications and related material that are intellectual property of LioX Web. In this case the website will be converted to an open source CMS and all our software, applications and related material will be removed. The Client is granted a non-exclusive limited-use license of this intellectual property that is withdrawn upon your waver note. the migration process is not free of charge.