Graphic design appeals to our old, human, deep rooted principles. It’s about drawing and expressing, thus designing. It is of extreme importance to grab the consumer’s attention at first glance and… keep it!

At LioX, we have an innate passion for typography, form, imagery and colors and we take them a lot seriously. There’s no big idea without an accurate visual composition. Image is such a powerful means that when used correctly, can solve a problem, communicate an idea or bring down a whole empire. So, it must be used wisely.

Given the fact that the world we are living in is a constantly evolving and demanding one, at LioX, we stay updated, we adapt to the current trends and we are never-ending learners, with respect to human nature and insticts.

Why graphic design is vital for your business

Types of Graphic Design


It’s about the way a brand communicates its personality, essence and mood (logo, color palettes, image libraries, typography and in general the branding).


A company uses various brochure types (print, digital, half fold, tri-fold, z-fold, and roll fold) to provide info about their products and services

Art & Illustration

Feel free to express in the most creative and original way. Here you can find t-shirt design, graphic patterns for textiles, graphic novels, comic books, album art, picture books, infographics design, concept art etc.


Your product’s label, differentiates your product from the one of your competitors at the supermarket shelves.

Book Cover

The cover of the book communicates a story and a message through multiple colors, fonts, images, symbols, etc. This is why it has to be attractive and promising.


It's about the creation and organization of an ad’s visual artwork such as postcards and flyers, TV ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, posters, banners, billboards, infographics, PowerPoint presentations, menus, social media ads/banners etc.

User Interface (UI)

It is the balanced appealing and functional design of a website, a theme (WordPress, Shopify etc.), an app, such as micro-interactions, buttons, menus etc. It’s all about the user’s visual experience.


Refers to the procedure of creating the exterior of a product such as the shape, the graphics as well as the style on the package.


You can keep a consistency and a brand identity by creating paper, letterheads, business cards, folders, envelopes, office supplies, writing equipment, cases, and other similar items. This so-called personalized communication is an indicator of professionalism.


Refers to the interior design of newspapers, books, newsletters, directories, Annual reports, magazines, catalogs etc.

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