The “I wish to Thrive” website package combines of an online store and a well-structured business into a multi-functional and professional website. It is created on a semi custom Content Management System (CMS). This website package is ideal for any kind of business that has a moderate to huge amount of information to make available on the web and wants to successfully combine it with electronic sales of products/services using digital networks and exploit their potential to the fullest.

It provides your business with a well-equipped e-shop or electronic store and gives your customer an actual “place” where they can visit from anywhere at anytime and buy your products/services. It also, provides premium design and copy quality, which gives your brand the opportunity to use its skills to the fullest. It also improves the traffic, sales and overall online presence of your business.

You’ll Get

Full Premium Web Design

Premium web design customization with the intent of giving the user more control over the user experience (UX) with high quality graphics, elements and effects.

Friendly Control Panel

Enjoy our easy content management system at your page, without any kind of specialised skills.

Advanced Content

We are responsible for the copywriting of your website, as well as using high quality images that will add life to it.

Responsive Design

We ensure that the website has the ability to automatically adjust to best fit the size of every screen and device (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop) and looks great across all browsers.

Unlimited Hosting Server

The website’s construction is hosted on a server with unlimited bandwidth, SSD disks storage and uptime 99.5%. Additionally, it offers highest speed and security as well as e-mail functionality.

Domain Name

Your website is published on your chosen domain name with any suffix of your choice (.com/.gr/.eu/.it/.fr/.de/.us/.pl/.org).

Traffic Statistics

An installed program that extracts statistics of your website’s performance and frequency of visits.

Social Media Platforms

If you already have social media platforms, we will integrate them with your new website. If you do not have, we will set them up for you.

Attack Protection

Your website is protected by a firewall against unwanted attacks.

e-Commerce functionality

Generate online income by adding the option of selling your products/services directly from your website through a complete online store which contains product list, warehouse, shopping cart and checkout.

Αdvanced Αpplication

Your website can support complex mechanisms and program such as advanced search tools, forum functionality, reward mechanism etc.


– SSL: a Secure Sockets Layer that guarantees a trusted environment in your website
– 1-year free web hosting
– 1-year free domain
– cache system for improved speed

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