Terms of Participation

The participation in the competition is individual. The competition is free and does not require the purchase of a product or service and no payment is provided to participants for their participation in the competition.

The duration of the competition is the date stated in the relevant post from which the user was redirected here. By participation we mean the participant and not the number of their comments. The organizer reserves the right to extend or reduce the duration after publishing this change with every appropriate and reasonable judgment. The organizer reserves the right to amend any term in the present or to cancel it, after publishing this change by any appropriate and in their reasonable judgment way.

Participation right
For valid participation in the competition, each participant should:
* maintain a legal account on the platform
* be over eighteen (18) years

All participants are involved in a draw that will be carried out electronically. If for any reason it is impossible to carry out the draw on the above day, the organizer reserves the right to change the announcement. The draws are carried out in such a way that the results ensure the randomness of the choice and the inability of the human factor to intervene in the process of highlighting the winners.

Winner announcement
A winner will result from the draw. The organizer will inform the winner – by email or via the platform where the draw is being held – on the competition and the receipt of their gift. If the winner of the competition, despite being sent a message, does not contact the organizer for any reason within 24 hours, then the organizer keeps the right to give the gift to individuals of their choice or not to give it at all.

* At the stage of submitting the data of the participants in the competition, the organizer collects only the personal data that the participants have chosen to post publicly and are essential for the completion of the competition. By participating in the competition, each participant states that they have been informed and aware of the terms of the competition and the more specific terms that apply to personal data in order to be used by the organizer, strictly and only for the purpose of participating in the competition.
* As for each winner of the competition, the organizer states and the winner accepts to process the personal data they will collect from them, in accordance with the above, with the purpose of publishing the results of the competition, in accordance with the specific terms set out in these Terms, as well as the conduct of all the actions necessary for the delivery of the gift.